• Just need to know where i stand with you, not good with emotions
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I know what im doing is wrong but it the first time i’ve felt happy in ages and the first time i’ve felt good about myself

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My new tattoo :)

If you think having fun is sleeping with girls in one night, its not because one of them was your best friends ex’s and the result will be that you will lose your dearest friends who actually stood by you no matter what, in a way you made me look like a fool for the amount of times i’ve had your back, next time just write mug across my head so the THE WHOLE WORLD CAN SEE!

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Lana del Rey :)
Cover by jb Modino for Madame Figaro (18-19 Jan 2012)

Hippie Lana

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the picture before the picture

this is my favorite picture on this website